Level Updates

General Changes & Fixes

  • Keys are MUCH easier to tell if they've been collected or not.
  • Prickets have been given better color highlighting.
  • Dialogue doesn't interrupt certain transitions in the game.
  • Overall, found a few ways to make the game feel less evil in certain areas.

Raybound's levels have been significantly tweaked.

Illusory Realm
  • Fixed issue where door wouldn't load to the next level.
Level 1
  • Level is a bit more connected, making it more accessible for people who need to understand what to do in the level.
  • A bit more lore for the underground.
  • Removed an annoying spike.
The Electric Wasteland
  • The central room is easier to navigate.
  • There is now an aesthetic overhaul, including visual cues.
  • Some new lore in the central room.
  • Walking off-camera in the boss lets you speed up the auto scrolling.
  • Increased the size of the cursed heads, making them easier to jump on.

The Electric Wasteland

Central Room

Level 2
  • Tweaked lore regarding the Surreality.
  • Another type of secret, making it possibly easier to find the library.
  • Added some particle effects in one part of the Surreality, just for aesthetics.
Level 3
  • New tunnel system so it's easier to get back up to the top of the hills.
  • New aesthetic overhaul for the outdoor region of The Specular Chamber.
  • Made it a bit easier to find the warp point back to the bridge.

Level 3

Visual Overhaul near The Specular Chamber

The Specular Chamber
  • Visual overhaul to the top of the chamber. Added some nice green glowing effects and particles.
  • Changed some of the rotating spike balls into embedded spikes.
  • Fixed a major bug where dialogue would stay stuck as you transition to the boss.

The Specular Chamber

Visual Overhaul

The Seldom Ascent
  • Added spikes in a small area in order to make it easier for players to learn how the grapple mechanic works.
  • Collecting the key shows better indication of what type of key it is.
The Astrum
  • Made a few small changes and fixes.


Raybound - Windows 227 MB
Version 1.1.0 Jun 21, 2021
Raybound - Linux 245 MB
Version 1.1.0 Jun 21, 2021
Raybound - macOS 239 MB
Version 1.1.0 Jun 21, 2021

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